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Really nice game. The style (especially the music) reminded me a lot of solstice for the old Nintendo.

Very interesting game and cool idea! But I'm using Firefox 16.0.1 and the game is lagging anyway, so it can't be all about browsers that are not up to date... Nice music by the way, although it is a bit repetitive.


As you asked for points to improve, shortcuts for the items and special attacks would be great, because the attack bar of your opponent keeps loading, while you are looking for your attacks.
And a game to the engine would be nice, but I suppose you plan to do that, after finishing the engine...


At first I was sceptical about the gameplay, but after getting used to it, it was ok. The style is great, music rockz. Nice work!

Not very convincing...

to start off with the positive things: the music is quite nice.
but: the graphics are, to be polite, not that well done.
and there are several spelling mistakes in the intro like "why dose my head hunt?" is that supposed to be a joke or is it a mistake?
what's more is that the game took me about 2 minutes (maximum). not very convincing.
if the game would be expanded with a few more tasks and better graphics, perhaps i would like it, but as it is... not really.

jay37 responds:

Now are you saying that because you can beat it or because you don't like it. lol i agee it kinda hard lol

Fuck yeah!!!

This is really one of the best games I EVER played on newgrounds!
The music is waesome and the game: woah!


Actually I like this game very well, but the morale function is completely absurd. It doesn't make sense that morale is on its lowest point, when you've occupied all trenches and there are no enemy soldiers on the map. Apart from that: really great game!

So fucking great!

I love it, really! Ok, graphics and controls could be a bit better, that's 2 stars less, but still...

oh my gosh

This is simply brilliant! Even better than the first one.

Really a great game!

I love the soundtrack. It's great. And the idea of the game is really cool.
The only problem (not a big one) is that the ends of the platforms are not working (meaning: you can't really stand on them, although you jumped far enough).


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